ORLANDO, FL | JUNE 21-22, 2024



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First, practical liberty: We love speeches about libertarian theory as much as anyone, but our movement already has plenty of that. The practical liberty un-conference is for people who have mastered the ideas, and are now ready to take action.

How do you thrive and flourish in a hostile world? That's our focus at this event, whose every presenter will teach you something practical that can be implemented in your life here and now. No theorizing about how Ancapistan will deal with consensual cannibalism, or applying Lockean homesteading theory to outer space.

Our last meetings were filled with energetic, action-oriented liberty lovers who came together with a shared determination to accomplish great things. This one will be no different!

Second, what is an "un-conference"?

We'll have a few traditional speakers, yes.

But let's be honest with each other.

At the typical conference you sit politely through talks you're not that interested in, and you're really waiting to chat with people at the snack break.

So instead of a traditional conference, let's talk to each other!

On Saturday we'll break into separate rooms and people will lead discussions on all kinds of topics, maybe 25 minutes at a time. You can speak on whatever you want: we'll have a board outside each room with times and topics, and attendees can choose with their feet.

One room will be our business room, where you can discuss, ask questions about, or get feedback on any business topic.

Another room will be personal development, broadly conceived: how I lost 50 pounds, or the three tactics I used to overcome procrastination, or how I became 20% more productive.

Still another room will discuss parallel institutions: monetary institutions like Bitcoin, or educational institutions like homeschools, or whatever else you can think of.

If you have better ideas than these, we'll consider those, too!

Everyone will leave with exciting new ideas, and new friends and connections.

The Practical Liberty Un-Conference will be unlike any event you've ever attended!

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School of Life Founder

Building a Saner World


Director, Tom Woods Mastermind

Built to Last: How to Grow

a Legacy Business


Director, School of Life

Accountability Groups Program

The Future Is

People You Can Trust


Monetary Metals

Language: Your Untapped Advantage

And we'll be entertained with magic from the great Doc Dixon, who fooled Penn & Teller on their Fool Us TV show, and sawed me in half

at my 2000th episode!


Friday, June 21

7pm: Reception with Light Refreshments

7:30pm: Presentations

9:30pm: Networking and Conviviality

Saturday, June 22

9am-6pm: Presentations and Discussions (snacks provided; lunch on your own)

6pm-8pm: Dinner (on your own)

8pm: Dessert (provided), and Magic with Doc Dixon

9pm-?: Socializing

On Sunday, June 23, we'll meet informally at the hotel's breakfast buffet (not too early), and then depart.


The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

1500 Sand Lake Rd.

Orlando, FL 32809

Once you register we'll email you the link to get our special rate at the hotel.