What we laughingly call the "public health guidance" of the past few years is left in shreds by this book.

Unlike Anthony Fauci, I don't have the major media eating out of the palm of my hand. I need your help as a member of my Street Team in getting its message out there, especially on the release date (TBA).

Can you help?

Here's What I Need

1. Get the book when it becomes available.

I'll be able to confirm a release date very soon, but I expect it to be a couple of months from now.

2. Share it on social media. (If you don't use social media, skip this step.)

I'll really want to drive people to the book website (not up yet), DiaryOfCovid.com. That's where people can buy it (from whatever vendor they prefer) as well as get the bonus books I'm giving away to everyone who purchases. If you can tell people about that site, or link to it on your social media when the time comes, I'd be grateful.

3. Submit a review within 14 days of the book's release.

Amazon reviews are the gold standard, but a review on any major bookseller website would be outstanding.

I promise that as a member of my Street Team you will receive very few emails. I'll write to let you know when the book will be released, I'll write again on the day of release with everything you need to know, and I'll follow up two weeks later with a word of thanks.

Plus, I'm giving away some goodies.

As a way of saying thank you, I'm entering everyone who helps me into a drawing for some neat stuff -- and unlike most drawings, you actually have a real chance of winning! (Sorry, these prizes are for people within the United States only.)


Signed Copy of Diary of a Psychosis

I'll be giving away ten of these!


Signed Woods Book Bundle

The winner of this bundle will receive signed copies of my books The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask, Meltdown, and Real Dissent.


One Free Year of the Tom Woods School of Life ($997 value)

If you think maybe we need to do more than write articles and argue on social media, you'll be like a kid in a candy store inside the School of Life, my program for how to flourish in a hostile world.


All-Expenses Paid Trip to Orlando

My School of Life is holding its annual in-person event on June 21-22, 2024. Warning: no libertarian theory at this event. Every speaker teaches something actionable -- e.g., finances, fitness, winning when you're outnumbered -- to help us prosper in a world that hates us. I'll cover airfare for two, two nights' lodging, and admission to the event itself -- and you're invited to my private dinner with all the speakers, too!

I'll email the names of the winners 14 days after the book's release.

Ready to do this with me? Enter your email address below and click the button, and thank you so much!